Adventures In Larsonland

Adventures In Larsonland

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Avery's Birthday Party!

Per usual, this post is almost two months late. Story of my life!

BUT, we did indeed have a fun time celebrating Avery's 2nd birthday back in August (we combined it with our Ash Street party which made it extra fun). The details are a bit fuzzy since it's been two months, but I remember a Cookie Monster cake for our girl who loves Cookie Monster and Elmo (thank you to Safeway for coming through in the clutch with that cake find!), lots of kids playing with every toy we own, fun catching up with friends, a wasp sting, Olympics watching outside, and happy faces. It was a great time for Avery, and especially for us, who are so thankful for every birthday we get with that girl!!

Here's some photo documentation of the day (PS - why do I ALWAYS forget to get in pictures or even take a family picture?! Oy.)

The aftermath: