Adventures In Larsonland

Adventures In Larsonland

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Avery is TWO!

Dear Avery,

Today you are TWO! It's been two years since you made your crazy, forceful, exciting entrance into this world. Knowing you now, I see how fitting your arrival really was - true to who you are as a spunky, feisty, bold, know-what-I-want kind of girl. To say you are spirited (and dramatic) would be an understatement.

This year has been hard, you like to make life very exciting for us! You are vocal and ambitious and fearless, which are not friendly traits for tired parents. BUT, I know these are traits that will carry you through your life and your fight against CF. I trust God knew exactly what he was doing when he was busy knitting you together. I just wish he would have prepared me a little bit ;)

It would be impossible to sum up your 2nd year in a few short paragraphs, so I'll try to just recap who you are these days. Because you are a unique, fun-loving, attached, independent fireball. And you like to remind us of that every day! The sparkle in your eyes melts my heart, and the way you DANCE through life always makes me smile.

*previous four pics by Jeena Metzger
You got your vest this past May (I still need to do a blog post about that!) and it's been so great to see you grow up in that way too. Your health was overall pretty great this year, only a handful of antibiotics treatments, one psuedomonas culture (and tobi treatment), and then your CT scan and bronchoscopy in June. You're my little warrior! Also, you weigh 25 pounds!! Hello, awesome!

Avery, these are the things we love about you right now:

* You LOVE to dance. To any music with a beat. It is my favorite thing.
* You like to find an obsession with one song at a time. For about three months, it was We Will Rock You (Queen) - which we heard on repeat every day for three straight months. It was often the only thing that made you happy, and you even learned the clap/beat on your own. Right now, your current obsession is listening to the songs Benjamin learned at Vacation Bible School. You constantly scream for "VBS, VBS!" I love listening to you sing along!
* You once counted to 13. It was kind of a shocker to me (your enunciation is not stellar, but we could tell exactly what you were doing!). It reminded me that there's a whole lot more going on in your head than you let on!
* You LOVE your brother and repeat everything he says. However, you HATE when he takes your toys.
* Your best friend is Benjamin, but your next best friend is Baby Elmo. He is often the "person" you turn to when you need comfort. First Baby Elmo, then mama. It's pretty hilarious.
* You like to respond very affirmatively: "Yeah... Yeah... Yep."
* Did I mention that you LOVE to dance!?
* You are completely obsessed with lollipops and will do absolutely anything for one.
* You sleep with two pacifiers, only one of which you ever put in your mouth. You still refer to it as "Pappi".
* You are FEARLESS. I mean, seriously. I've never seen you back down from a challenge. You don't seem to have any sense of danger (nor do you listen to us well when we warn you about it).
* When you get excited about something, you crouch down and start stamping your feet quickly. It is so stinkin' cute!
* You love to wear sunglasses. "Too bight! Too bight!" is what you say when we walk out into the sun.
* (Not something we love) You rip any and all paper you come across. No paper book is safe in your path.
* You love your puppy, Dakota, although you call her "Koa, Koa". She loves you too. :)
* You love markers and color on everything except paper. That includes your body and the couch.
* You love Elmo and Cookie Monster (who you call "Cookie Bopoh").
* You're so brave. You do your treatments every morning and night (vest, albuterol, and pulmozyme), and you rock it. You don't love it necessarily, but you seem to understand that this is life. We admire you so much.

Here are some other photos (and a few videos!) since your last update (18 months). We just love you so stinking much. I hope by the time you read this, you've forgiven how tired, short-tempered, and grouchy I was with you. I hope that despite those things, you always feel how deeply I love and cherish you. And how I look forward to the day you can talk to me in full sentences to tell me all about how you're feeling, what you're thinking about, and where you want to go in life. I just can't wait.

We love you, big girl!
Mom & Dad