Adventures In Larsonland

Adventures In Larsonland

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Benjamin is FIVE!

Dear Benjamin Willys,

Today you are FIVE!

You... all things Star Wars. You've watched all the movies (except for the last two new ones) and love talking about them with dad.
...LOVE sports. As in, you will sit down and watch any sport on TV and cheer for any team you've arbitrarily chosen. You cheer, ask questions about rules, and get so excited about any type of sport. You always play soccer and football around the house (even by yourself) and LOVE your Colorado Buffaloes and Denver Broncos.
...can read! You started reading almost a year ago but now can just about get through whole (beginner) books, and it's so cool watching you do it. You don't like to let people see you reading, but we know that you love doing it, especially when we see it opening your world in so many ways!
...have gotten a little bit of an "edge" the past few months. You're still a sweet and kind boy, but you're definitely not the same boy as a year ago in some ways! Sometimes it's hard to see you growing out of your "baby" self and turning into a little boy with opinions and attitude all your own, but it's also a blast to watch too. games and cards (you love Go Fish, Protect the Pridelands, and lots of other games) your sister, even though you also love terrorizing her. I suppose that's how a lot of siblings work, huh? But at least at the end of the day I know you would do anything for her. <3 nbsp="" p=""> watching shows like Paw Patrol and Nature Cat (and other shows that I don't know the names of); and you love watching Bubble Guppies and Little Einstein's with your sister when she's getting her treatment. to learn about things and how they work. It's so fun watching you ask questions (and it's also occasionally obnoxious - you'll understand when you have kids) ;) to play with trucks. playing tag. It's just about your favorite thing to do at school during recess!
...finally taught yourself how to pump so you can swing all by yourself! (A big day for mom and dad) ;)
...told me that you're going to CU when you're in college, so that's awesome ;) (But I told you that we'd love for you to go somewhere really fun out East so we could come visit all the time. Hehe)
...will be in Kindergarten next year!! WHAT?!

We're so thankful that five years ago you made our family bigger and even more full of love. You made me a mama, and that's a special piece of my heart that you'll always have! I love watching you and your sister become the very best of friends. And most of all, I just LOVE you. You are so so loved. I hope you use your big brain and heart to do good and kind things in the world!

Happy birthday big boy!
Mom & Dad

Throwback to newborn Benjamin:

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